Here you will find information about payment methods, terms and conditions, tenancy agreement (in english/danish) and other important information about living in UC House.

Terms and Conditions

We have some house rules to ensure that UC House is a good place to live for everybody and therefore we recommend that you read them as you will be asked to sign them upon arrival.

Accommodation and accounts

1.The room can only be occupied only by person who has signed the contract and paid a deposit.

2.The accommodation is available to any person, as UC House is a privately owned residential property.


3.Smoking within the buildings is strictly prohibited by Danish law. Smoking is allowed only in intendened places for that.

Cooking and cleaning

4.Preparing food is only allowed in the assigned kitchens, and not in the room. It is important to clean every time after preparing the food.

5.Tenant or his/her guests and invitees shall not disturb, annoy, endanger or inconvenience other tenants of the building, neighbors, the landlord or his agents, nor violate any law, nor commit or permit waste or nuisance in or about the premises.


6.UC House has very high degree of fire protection, and the tenants must be aware that setting of the fire alarm will cause the Fire Department to arrive. Payment for an uncaused fire alarm will be charged to the tenant, with DKK 7.500 eqv. to EUR 1.000.

7.Tenant should keep the premises in a neat and sanitary condition and to participate in cleaning of the premises.

8.Any electrical appliances deemed to be a fire hazard such as immersion heater or hot  plates are not allowed in dormitory rooms.

General behaviour

9.It is strictly prohibited to have bicycles, shopping trolleys etc. inside the building, that also includes the tenants room. There are designated areas for bicycles next to the main entrance of the building.

10.Tenant shall not make any repair works according to the UC House building, and should immediately notice landlord about all repairments that should be made.

11.Every room is intendend for particular number of people and is furnished with bed, computer table, lamp, chair and blinds per every person.

12.It is forbidden to take any piece of furniture from common living areas to the tenants room or outside of the UC House.

13.There should be silence in common areas after 23.00 on evenings before weekdays, and after 02.00 nights before holidays.

Here you can download the full version of the rules and regulations that you will be asked to sign.