Here you will find information about payment methods, terms and conditions, tenancy agreement (in english/danish) and other important information about life in UC House.

Tenancy Agreement

We have some house rules to ensure that UC House is a good place to live for everybody and therefore we recommend that you read them as you will be asked to sign them upon arrival.

2. The Room

The rented room is a single room.
Room no. ____

The room is fully furnished on arrival, with a bed, a chair, a lamp and a computer table. Tenants may use the common kitchen and bathrooms. Furthermore, the tenant has the right to use these facilities in accordance with UC House instructions:

  • washing facilities
  • living room/common areas

other: ____________________

The room may be used only as dwelling for the tenant alone if nothing else is stated in the contract.
Pets are not allowed.

3. The Rental Period:

This agreement takes effect on date: ________________

Both the tenant and UC House can give notice to end the rental agreement with 60 days’ written notice on the first working day in any one month.

It is a condition that the tenant is a student at an official education institute. When the study ends or if the tenant is no longer a student, the student has to move from UC House within 4 months if UC House is demanding this. UC House can at any time ask the tenant to confirm the education relationship.

Here you can download the full version of the Tenancy Agreement that you will be asked to sign. Read it carefully.