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UC House was opened in the autumn of 2009, and since the beginning our aim has been clear - we want to offer nice place on a low budget for you to stay while living in Aalborg. That of course takes a lot of effort from us, as we must make sure the facilities are there and are in working order.

But there is more to it and we can´t do it on our own. The pulse of the place are the people that choose to live at UC House. It is vital that the people living here participate in making UC House a place where everybody can feel at home, by respecting each other and show responsibility for maintaining the quality of facilities UC House offers, for example by simply cleaning up after yourself when you have been making a meal in one of the kitchens.

We have some few House Rules that must be followed by all who lives at UC House, to make everyday life good for everybody. So far over 40 different nationalities have chosen to stay at UC House. We find that is great, because that will broaden the horizon for everybody. It also means that you must respect other cultures.

If you think you can comply with what we want from you, why don´t have a look around at our site, where you will find a lot of information. If you have further questions, just send us an e-mail, an we will be straight back.

UC House

  • "UC House is quite well furnished and kept clean and tidy, rooms are comfortable. It's more interesting to live together with other students, there is always something happening and you can make new friends."

    Ana Hristova & Kiril Hristov

  • "In UC House you will be taken care of, without any doubt!"

    Aire Vaher

Our contacts: UC House, Letvadvej 3A, 9200 Aalborg SV, Denmark, e-mail: office@uchouse.dk